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The Vagus Nerve and Polyvagal Therapy for Overcoming Trauma

The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges is considered a must read for anyone interested in the evolution, development and functioning of the social brain.  Stephen Porges is the world's leading expert on relating the autonomic nervous system, a neural system that oversees largely unconscious functions such as heart rate and respiration, to social behaviour.  He is also the creator of the polyvagal theory, which has been adopted by clinicians around the world and has provided exciting new insights into the way our autonomic nervous system unconsciously mediates social engagement, trust and intimacy.

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The Meta Identity to Reprogram Your Mind

Before going anywhere, it's a lot easier to know where you're going.

To change a program, it's easier to know what you want to change.  It's sort of like getting ready for an event.  The dress rehearsal.  You put on the outfit and you do the pretend version of a special thing.  Outfit works great.  Awesome.  You know what you will look like on that future day.  You are doing some long term planning and have stepped into a version of reality to practice for the real thing.  In a sense you are creating a program.   You know that an event is happening and before it does you do some planning and preparing for it. You get yourself used to doing this new special thing so that it goes right for when it happens later.

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