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Universal Quantifiers


All or nothing language is basically poison.
It’s found in cancer patients and people with a massive amount of limitation.

All the good jobs are taken. All the great ones are married.
Everyone is on my case. This thing is completely ruined.”

This type of languaging is a classic example of how people delete information from their cognitive map of the world.

With the use of universal quantifiers, the limitations are massive and detrimental.

“We’ve tried everything.”
Nothing works.”

When language of this nature is pervasive it prevents the realizing of solutions, answers, circumventions, possibilities etc.

One of the easiest ways to reprogram yourself from the use of these universal quantifiers is to repeat them back with a question mark.

I have nothing and everyone hates me and it’s all my fault and every time I try, I fail.



Every time?

Just by questioning the universal quantifiers, the boundaries between problem and solution are given the opportunity to no longer be deleted from their cognitive map.

Dr Demartini speaks briefly about his use of questioning universal quantifiers to undelete important data from a cancer patients cognitive map or understanding of ‘the world’.