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You can communicate with any of our team members via Skype


We also make custom videos for our members to help them visualize and internalize their preferred behaviours with greater ease


You can access our library of audios to conveniently and consistently support the thoughts and behaviours that cultivate the behaviours that support your goals.


The benefits of our coaching program are based on accountability and a structured system depending on each clients needs.

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NLP & Mental Training Strategies

If you need to make shifts in your thinking to stop a behaviour, to start a new habit, to get over the past or to enhance your performance, there are strategies available to help you get the results you want, using resources you already have, to get unstuck & increase your well being, naturally.

  • Overcome Anxiety

    Making a shift in this area can unleash tremendous opportunities when you can do what you want with confidence instead of fear.

  • Health and Well Being

    Being able to use your mind for reducing chronic pain is a valuable skill especially when it means being able to enjoy life more.

  • Resilience

    Adversity can prevent focusing on the future in empowering ways. Resilience is a trait that can be fostered and cultivated to enable excitement about the future while bouncing back from 'failure'.

  • Sports Performance

    Limiting beliefs can hinder performance and potential, but once possibilities are framed and conditioned in more resourceful ways,

Our Team

Devin Scannura
NLP Practitioner with Design Human Engineering
Elizabeth Payea-Butler
Master Trainer of NLP
Author & Consultant
Michael Ellner
Self-Hypnosis Educator & Author
Trainer and Coach


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