Stories and Strategies to
Get Over Your Ex


To feel differently about yourself or about something from the past, you can slug it out on your own, you can read all the self-help books, or perhaps spend thousands of dollars or weeks, maybe years in therapy, and hope that works.  If you're like me though, you might not have found those things too helpful in creating long lasting change.  That's why I studied NLP and some neuroscience relating to emotions and memories and the brain's ability to rewire itself in response to experience.  I even made videos of this stuff to help me learn more about the mental training strategies that have worked for thousands of people. You might have seen some of the videos that I've posted on Youtube where I do some reviews on books by authors like Joe Dispenza, Richard Davidson, Richard Gray and more.  I even did some hypnosis videos on youtube and one of them has got lots of nice comments and over ten thousand views.

But all that has it's limitations.

To really experience change for the better, it's important to have something that you can follow or build a routine around be accountable towards.  Or even just to get some question answered that would help you to become a better version of yourself a lot sooner by learing how to stop the old programs that have been keeping you stuck. The thing is that you can have positive change. That might seem unrealistic right now, but people have been in worse situations than yours and have become billionaires and rockstars after a breakup.

After my divorce and the passing of my mom, I decided to find the strategies that helps people move on after a 'challenge',  'breakup', 'divorce',  'loss' or whatever their 'X' is and bounce back.  I looked in neuroscience and at the history of people that had suffered huge losses after a breakup or a trauma and had bounced back.

Some of them became rockstars.  Not all of them, but some.  One became a billionaire real estate developer (and recently the president of the United States).  Another won two Oscar awards.  Another made a video game that crushed the Indie game category.  Another became the pop star icon Lady Gaga, another became the queen of rock and roll, Tina Turner.  Another became a billionaire author, J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books.  Another example is a man who won the Nobel Prize for Peace, etc.  

After scanning the difference that makes the difference, several strategies and patterns kept coming up.

Those are the mind strategies and stories in this membership trial.

Why might you need this or want this?  
People logically know what's good and bad for them, but that doesn't make things easier.  
Everyone knows focusing on the past is not productive, but the mind keeps running that same program.

That program can keep running like a virus on a computer that slows down performance and makes thing stuck.
Being stuck in the same program will only keep giving the same results...for years!  Ouch! 😛

This is why making a change happens in the mind first.

The videos in this course, are strategies and hypnotic stories told to improve your mindset so that you have new ways of looking at things and new ways of feeling.  Once you've done that,  you've learned how to turn off your 'X' program and turn on the 'U+' program.

The strategies and stories change your thinking. Some may not work for you right away.  The average human adult brain takes on average two weeks to rewire itself.  You can't go faster than the rewiring speed of your brain, but you will notice your thinking patterns improving much sooner than that.

You will learn how to use your emotions and thoughts to make your life better by getting off stress and on to feeling what it's like to have joy again.  Or achievement.  Or meaning.  

One of the lessons you will learn right away is a mind strategy to unlock program behaviours.

An example of this is the Phobia removal strategy by Richard Bandler.  This one was demonstrated on the Kelly and Michael show.   That is an amazing strategy! Now you have a chance to benefit from a dozen more all designed to get you over your 'X' so you can move on with your life.

Is there a strategy to love yourself?  Yes, in the second last module of Emotional Recircuiting.  This strategy is important and the step-by-step video walks you through it.  Jennifer Lopez was on Huffington Post spoke about how self-love got her over her ex and back to life.

A strategy to lower stress?  Yes. Those are in the Emovention module.  You learn how to use the environment and perception to change your states of being that get you off of the emotions and memories of the ex so you can bounce back sooner on the cellular level.
(This has an example from "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton where he talks about the effect that the environment has on the epidermis of a cell and how to use that idea to reprogram your mind. 

A strategy to end procrastination?  Yes.  The Propulsion Power Strategy will give you lift off towards your goals with magnificent obsession!  You might go overboard on this by doing work you love, many times. That one is in the Unification module.

And because you might want not ask, there is also a mind strategy for having a better childhood with more empowering resources. That's in the Apperception module.  You can remember your memories in ways that empowers you.  Might as well plant some long term seeds of hope back there after unrooting decayed cluttering pathways.

Also, as a free bonus, I'm giving you two ancient ebooks. One is recommended by Lady Gaga.  The other is recommended by Theodore Roosevelt.  Gaga read a specific over a hundred times and she recommends others do the same.  That book is included.  The other ancient book was read by President Theodore Roosevelt.  After he read it, he bought 60 copies and gave them away to his friends, family and White House staff.  You might want these too so, if you do, they're both included free in the package.

Here's the full package of what you're getting...

Emovention - These strategies are to stop negative emotions frozen in their tracks.  If you find yourself thinking about your 'X', any of these emovention strategies will put a huge dent in stopping that.

Apperception -  This is about coming up with new questions and highly imaginative ways to bend your perception of reality so that your brain can unlearn the 'X'. 

Emotional Recircuiting -  These are strategies for creating the mismatch experience.  These are strategies so you can feel differently about your 'X' and reform problem memories in ways that changes their emotional meaning.  The previous modules were about turning on the problem states related to your ex and how to stop them.  Now it's time to teach your body the positive flilp side.  This is done after stopping the memories of the ex and then turning on a new experience during the memory reconsolidation window that unlocks the encoing synapses that were linked to the problematic states of being of the past learnings of conditioned stimulus.  With this window of opportunity open, the juxtaposition experience between the problem past is contrasted with the multi-sensory novelty rich solution experience for the purpose of forcing a prediction error and labilizing the memories of the ex, the breakup, the memories that you want to be differently understood by your brain so that you generate more empowering states of being that benefit yoru future, self-esteem and self-efficacy. 

Unification - This is about rebuilding your future by imprinting your brain with the beliefs and the energy to get into action. Also included is the Rockstar Future Blueprint Imprint.  This is a mind strategy for achieving your goals.  It was modeled from two doctors and an extremely high achiever.  This strategy alone you can use for life and get massive value from.

Here's what this course will do for you...
If you do the strategies and watch these videos you will know how to use your mind to reduce the sting of the past.
After doing these strategies it will change your thinking.  You'll learn how to instantly shift your emotions in the direction you want.  Also, anytime you find yourself feeling rejected or lonely and like giving up, a story will come to mind that compels you to stop and this then leads you to your next train of thought which moves you forward or you'll find your emotions changing so that you get back on track by remembering a strategy or doing it on your own or remembering a person or a time that displayed resilience to you and you were able to capture some of that and embody it into your state state of being.   Now that's something!   And where the mind goes, the body follows.  And that's what this course will teach you.  How to use your brain for a change.

Are things going to stay pretty much the same if you don't take action?  Do you really want things to be the same old way with the same old thoughts while you mind is stuck on emotional memories of the past?

I remember being in that time-space.  Anger, guilt, sadness, shame...ugh! I can't turn back the clock on myself, but I can make the best of your time by teaching you the strategies to think differently and get over your ex for life,  save yourself time and heartache while becoming excited about possibilities exist for you in the future.

You can get through this and I look forward to sharing more with you on the other side.

P.S. My fancy guarantee...


If it's been 4 weeks and you're not feeling any better or just not totally satisfied for whatever reason, get a refund.  Just write me back.  My email is on your receipt.  I only want happy customers.
If I don't help you, I don't get paid.

Thats my fancy guarantee.  Try this out for 4 weeks, risk free.


See you on the other side!

You will receive instant access to these strategies and can start using them right away to get over your ex, resolve past grief, increase self love, wipe out procrastination and more.  You will learn the step by step strategies by watching the videos and discovering how much control over your emotions and behaviours you really have so you can rebuild your future by naturally becoming a person that can.  And you can, can't you?

Thanks and bye for now,

-D.S. Yvon

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