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The greatest communicators are good at controlling a purposeful state of being and of teaching a lesson.

We have seen this in movies.  When the director wants to have the audience feel terror, fascination, determination or action, the cinematic communication occurs that puts the audience into a state of being that makes for a compelling story.

Telling a story...
It could be Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.
It could be the story of '$1 for the hammer and $9,999 for knowing where to tap'.
It could be the story of Banister and the four minute mile.
It could be the story of Blockbuster and how it took for granted a small company like Netflix.

It could be a story about a loser boxer named Rocky who finds a purpose and a shot at the boxing title.

But stories are handy for putting a person into a state and then putting in a memorable lesson.  Stories teach.

In a sense they create programs for us to use as a reference.
The more it is referenced, the deeper the neural pathway is created that builds for and looks for more matches to the criteria of such through story built perceptual filters.

Stories are software.

Obama delivers his state of the union.
He starts with the typical thank you, friends, romans, countryman.
Then the brief elicitation of the problem state.
Then the resilience family story.


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