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Before going anywhere, it's a lot easier to know where you're going.

To change a program, it's easier to know what you want to change.  It's sort of like getting ready for an event.  The dress rehearsal.  You put on the outfit and you do the pretend version of a special thing.  Outfit works great.  Awesome.  You know what you will look like on that future day.  You are doing some long term planning and have stepped into a version of reality to practice for the real thing.  In a sense you are creating a program.   You know that an event is happening and before it does you do some planning and preparing for it. You get yourself used to doing this new special thing so that it goes right for when it happens later.

Now let's talk about not you.

The old you is the you that is probably reading this.

If you're sick of you, you can get healthy by changing you.

So, how is that going to happen?  How do people change themselves?  What are the stages of change?
What happens to create that change so that improvements can automatically manifest in decisions and behaviours?

That is the you that I would like you to be.  The better, stronger, smarter version of you that you haven't become yet because you haven't done the dress rehearsal for that you.  Yet you will because now we will begin talking about this.

Who would the ideal you be?

If we are to make a program for your mind to run on, wouldn't you like to create a program that works in a way that's really right for you?

Now let's understand what could be right for you.

Certainly health is there.

And what else is it about this future version of you that is highly beneficial to yourself and others which also allows you to easily use your best skills and talents?

Hey now what kind of talk is this!?

Let's figure out who and what this future version of  you would be like.  And to do that, it's a good idea to do this from the position of not you.  By this mean I mean for you to step out of where you are in your life right now and to step into the the visualized and idealized version of you.  Doing this requires being able to see yourself from different perceptual positions.  A position to occupy is the meta-identity.  This is about stepping out of your old thoughts and behaviours so that you can come up with a better version of you.

Let's first get you out of yourself.

Think of the problems you had, the past you had, the personality you have created, the history of yourself that you have learned.
This is quite easy to do.  It's easy to look back at the past.  For some it's even easier to look back because it's all they almost ever do.  And this is not about that.  I want you to come up with fresh new ideas from without the baggage of your learnings.

Whatever you think you are, begin to consider who you might be who is not that.


Have you given yourself the justice to see yourself in the old ways just as you could see yourself in fantastically new ways?
If you were to be more fair to yourself, just for your own mental well being, which means seeing more than just the darkness on the edge of town, then what would your life be like if it was turned inside out and your brightness within was switched on?

What would you look like in that dress rehearsal?

The meta-identity is a position to perceptually occupy like a script with directions of what happens. Non attached and observing yourself as if you saw yourself as the hero. What rockstar qualities would this version of you have that you can enjoy practicing more of in preparation for more than any dress rehearsals of the past?  If you were a hero in your future and were to look back at yourself now, what would you say to yourself now that allowed you to grow up in that way then?






Some things to consider might be how you might sound.  Would this future version of you have the same voice?  How would it be different?

Let's build more of this map in your mind so that you have a better representation to yourself of what you might be missing.

When Walt Disney would do this, he would get up and move to a different room and sit or stand in a different way.  While feeling in that state he would watch his movies and edit them in order to please critics, realists and dreamers.   His movies were a success because he would imagine himself as these three types of people watching his movies and what they might say.  He did this dress rehearsal in his mind.  That was one of his strategies for success.  He could find the holes in his movies by seeing them as if he was a different type of person and then making the adjustments accordingly.

By taking the meta position, you can not only shed your own filters, but you can take on the perceptual filters of others.  In a sense, for this example, it is like stepping in the moccasins of the future you.

Pen and paper works well with this so feel free and write down the way your life could be like.   If you dreamed big just as much as you worried and criticized yourself, you'd dream a lot more.  And you can start now by thinking of this remarkable version of you and then begin to jot down some ideas of the experiences you'd have.  Would there be a business?  Maybe more business?  How would you know a miracle in your life happened?  Write these down to teach your brain what this is like.
If you have a journal, use that.  If you type in your notes on your phone, that's ok.  Pen is better because it gets more of your brain involved in the process.

Values, Beliefs, Intentions







Now that you've got a list of this fantastic version of you and all that you're doing, being and having, who do you know that is sort of similar to this?  Who might you be able to model yourself after?  Success leaves clues so if you find someone that is doing what you would like to be doing, what steps might you be taking that can get you to a similar destination?

Now that you have this stronger sense of what this better version of you could be like, what can you do to make it even more real?
For myself, I have several people that I enjoy.  I like the work of Richard Bandler, Richard Gray, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Ronnie O'Sullivan, and an assortment of business people.  From that bunch I can look at them and see how I am shaped by the people that I look up to.  Now, I'm not a world snooker playing champion neuroscientist chiropractor but I do have some of those qualities and having those mentors helps me to stay more on the program that I want my life to be running on.  They are in a sense, the tracks for my train of thought.

Who might yours be?

With this new idea of what you can be like, you then have something to move towards.  You have a new asset in your database.  You have the ability to conjure up within yourself the state of being that corresponds to what it means for you to be harnessing and cultivating the qualities that make you the hero/rockstar in your own life.

Coming up with this ideal you is best done from imagining yourself already in that future scenario and then looking back at what you have to do to get there.  Once you have an idea of the ideal you, you are ready to install within yourself the U+ program.  This is the path or program you can run your life on so that you are living your life the way you want on purpose and by design.

To get off first base, it's beneficial to know where second base.  If you are to make changes in yourself, make a very clear idea as to what that second base would be so that you can take those necessary steps with greater ease.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you can grow into the rockstar version of you because you would have a clearer idea on what to meditate on in between your life plans.

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