I loved the $6 million dollar man.  I like the idea of coming back better, stronger and faster.

Having special powers is cool too.  And it had special sound effects.  That was also cool.

And having this show as a story about adversity, might help you get through the day..
What would you be able to do just a little bit better if you had some of that bionic background sound playing in your mind during the most effective moments.  Would you be able to try that on now?
Have a glimpse of the show to anchor this sound and idea of what this might be like...

Is there a hint of a difference when you add some sounds to the background, the sub-foreground of your life?

Virtual reality is coming and its going to cost less than $6million dollars. Facebook already bought the idea for 2 billion. I was trying on the new touch controller for the Oculus Rift. I tested out 'Bullet Train'. It has some violence would be like saying winter may come. These games are going to change the world and cause people to learn better, faster and the more effective ways to do something which does equate to some kind of strength.

Until virtual reality become more mainstream, we have to just wait. Or, we can use the virtual reality machine of our imaginations to reprogram our minds to learn better, faster and stronger.

Emotions and silly, cartoony visuals can go a long way.

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