Get Over Your Ex in

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8 module online course.
Dangers of breakups (marital stress compromises brain circuitry, broken hearted heart attacks i.e. takotsubo cardiomyopathy, fixed mindset vs growth and self-identity.)

A step by step strategy for rewriting memories of the past to eliminate flashbacks.
(You get the one that cured 96% of U.S. Military Veterans and a simple variation of it).

How to write in ways that has repeatedly proven to improve performance (especially with non-minority males in college) and how you can do this same strategy to re-author your life.

Discover the two clinical psychologists who have found continually positive results by suing this one simple writing strategy that improves peoples lives.

How to develop a resilient mindset to naturally become better at bouncing back.


Introduction to Memory Reconsolidation and Strategy

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Learn the natural process in your brain for updating memories so that you can rewrite the way you feel and think about the past.

Preparation and Ingredients

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Resourceful states of being and problem related states and why they are important.. Preparing for this strategy means having memories that represent your ex that are a problem and the other resource state is visualizations of fantasy. 

Five Step Reconsolidation Strategy

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When creating a strategy over top of the memory reconsolidation framework, there are 5 basic steps to use as a model for self directed neuroplasticity interventions.   There is no other known type of neuroplasticity that can eliminate a well established response pattern so we are using this one for it's speed and it is this process by which the 5 hour opportunity is open.


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Brief activation of the problem state.  This has to be less than ten minutes because if the evocation is too intense, then the ability to stop it is out of reach.  This would then require at least another twenty minutes for the person to get back to baseline.  So turn on the problem state for less than ten minutes so that you can stop it thereby initiating the first step of the memory reconsolidation strategy to get over your ex in 5 hours.


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Activate protein synthesis with a multi-sensory rich novel experience.  Without protein synthesis there is no memory reconsolidation.

Without memory reconsolidation the strategy is merely extinction at best.  Therefore, turn on the proteins when the memory reconsolidation window is open and the capability for labilizing the memory is increased due to the salience of the novelty to make the new memory be given an updated and decreased emotional valence.

Emotional Recircuiting

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Forcing the prediction error by creating the mismatch experience during the MR window.  Having the juxtaposition in the same field of awareness so that the version that more usefully predicts how the world behaves becomes the new schema and the old schema is transformed accordingly. This requires a version of the ideal that is just as realistic as the problem state associations so that there is created an anti-memory to decrease excitation of the problem network and decrease inhibitory projections related to the ideal network.


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Neurons that fire together wire together.  This Hebbian learning is applied to taking actions that fulfill the ideal state in a small and doable way.  This builds a new dopaminergic circuit related to rewarding behaviour that is contributive to fulfilling the fantasies articulated during apperception.

Rockstar Resilience Circuit

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One of the signposts of posttraumatic growth is concrete expression.  Become addicted to creating things that make a difference. People bounce back and make something that is ten times better than the problem.  By creating this mindset you can continue making progress because, things may slow down, but nothing stops you because the work you do lasts beyond your years and helps others.

Get Over Your Ex in 5 Hours

Online Course to Re-author your Life using a memory reconsolidation strategy and a writing strategy.

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