In the beginning was the word. And sometime after that was the keyword. Keywords are words related to your product or niche or both.

With this example, the keyword idea is something about brain art work or shirt designs with a brain.


Chat GPT for the text and ideas.
Then we will bring those ideas over to Midjourney to get illustrations made.
After that we head over to Printful with our design to put on merchandise.
From there, Printful forwards their data to Woocommerce which then sends it through my website theme which is Divi.
This website is hosted on Hostgator.

That is the journey and it gets from idea to a product online in under an hour if you're already setup.

Here is a pdf of the workflow from the video.
100 products with AI, CHatGPT, MIdj, Divi, Hostgator

Video transcript:
Let's go through this real quick and go through it step by step.

Get a list of what you would like from the A.I. (caution it does make mistakes). The ideas and the keywords that I have are shirt design ideas with the brain. So I type that into chat GPT and it comes up with this huge list. I want to do something a little bit different because that gave me an idea which was a mind over matter design ideas. So I typed that in and here's what it came up with. You can see here on the side what it's doing it's saying large block font
vintage font, abstract font, so that's kind of the change in the algorithm but I do like number two which is having it written in a large font.

Now let's go to Midjourney and turn these words into pictures. We want to get a pretty cool looking brain idea so I typed in brain HUD as the prompt
but it didn't really look good enough for like a mind over matter design so after a few variations and iterations. here's our image. Let's open it up in the browser. We've got to clean it up obviously we got to be able to take that background away. I want to take off that artificial intelligence signature there on the bottom right hand corner. So we've got to give this some fine touches and some tweaks.

,Now we're just going to remove that thing down here on the bottom but this design, overall I'm quite pleased with it considering that I don't have any art skills and we just typed in brain design or brain illustration and they came up with this. Look at these colors, quite vibrant.
Now that we've got this part we're going to take this image over to Printful so that we can put this on some merchandise. This is a reprogramming mind store on Printful. They have all kinds of merch that you can put your stuff on. Hats, clothing, home, and living, mugs etc.

What I'm looking for here is a Champion hoodie. We're not going to get it embroidered, we're going to get this printed so I'm just going to flick on printing here. Now let's drop that brain design in. Now we've also got to add some text because this is supposed to be a mind over matter design. I think I'm going to put this into the merch into the shop and here we can change the pricing. I'm just going to add a buck so you guys can see how this thing works.

Let's send that to the store. Now what's going on here is Printful via API is sending all of those items, all of those images, and it's sending it to the woocommerce store so that it'll create a small, a medium, a large, extra large, and images to go with it, with all the various sizes and connect to shipping and all that e-commerce stuff into Woocommerce.  Now Printful is connected to Woocommerce.

We can take a look at what it's done. Boom, we're at the store and the Woocommerce is done with the Divi theme. The shop is my reprogramming mind theme made with Divi and it's all using this woocommerce for doing the the e-commerce platform on here.

Let's proceed to the price and get this into the store. That's going to be another product I'm going to have sent up there. We can submit that to the store and see we've sent 15 products previous, plus five before that, plus we made stickers for it and if you look down below here we also made the women's short sleeve t-shirt, that was about 48 designs.

So right now that green stripe going across, that's information being sent to Woocommerce and it looks like we're all ready to rock and roll and that's 54 products that were synced over to the Reprogramming Mind shop. That's over 100 products. Now let's write a description with Chat GPT.

Here's this whole description it writes out about how there's a perfect blend of style and inspiration with the powerful phrase about Mind Over Matter written across it. Of course this thing needs a little bit of an adjustment, I have to fine tune it so that it reads a little bit better.

You can see we got that Champion hoodie with that AI brain artwork design created with Midjourney and the text and illustration idea done with chat GPT.

Now this whole thing is on the Divi theme you've probably seen their famous commercials. I got this lifetime access one you can see this extra stuff here it says Bloom and Monarch. Let me just show you quickly what that stuff is. If you look on my site here, see on the side it says Facebook and Twitter there on the side well that's Monarch so that's like a social plug-in.  That annoying pop-up that comes in that asks for your email, that's the Bloom plug-in. So those two things are like bonus pieces of software that are included inside of the Divi theme.  And all this is hosted with HostGator which I've used for well at least since 2011 you can see here and I like it because it's pretty simple and you can create all your email accounts here you can install WordPress which I've done, the cpanel is pretty simple and straightforward.

That gives you like a way to hopscotch from idea to having a product up on the store that you can have readily available.

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