Lessons from 'Thinking Our Way Out of Darkness'
manifesto by Dr. Dawna Markova, PHD, and Angie McArther.

Dawna is the co-founder and CEO Emeritus of Professional Thinking Partners, an organization that teaches collaborative thinking to business leaders and organizations worldwide. An internationally known expert in maximizing intellectual capital, Dawna has established learning communities across the United States, and leads workshops on identifying and growing individual and team talent.

Angie McArthur is a co-founder and senior partner of Professional Thinking Partners, where she has co-facilitated and designed global conferences, leadership retreats, training programs, and ongoing one-on-one Thinking Partnerships. Angie is also one of the creators of the World wide Women’s Web, formed in 2001 to retain women in corporate leadership roles.

I will put a link below to the free pdf of their manifesto.

Here is a snippet :

Ten Things You Can Do to Shift from a Market-share to a Mind-share Mindset

collaborative-intelligenceImage from 'Thinking Our Way Out of the Darkness'

To get more of the details ... Collaborative Intelligence PDFunnamed

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