Door Knocking for Realtors

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So you've got your real estate license and you're now a realtor! But just knowing the way to draft up an agreement of purchase and sale is just the tip of the iceberg for selling real estate.  One of the most important parts of being a real estate agent is prospecting.  You must have people to work with that will buy or sell real estate.

In 1997 too 2008, I was a real estate agent and member of the Toronto Real Estate Board.  The first couple years were difficult as I didn't have a system for prospecting. Some of the other agents were spending money on ads but I didn't have the funds for that route and I also didn't want my face on billboards and buses.

So how did I become salesman of the month 3 months in a row durinng a recession without advertising?

Simple! I went door knocking!  But it wasn't as easy as it sounds.  I got trained how to knock doors by a veteran from the Korean war who became a fantastic real estate agent.  His name was Bill Nasby and he trained us how to do door knocking properly to get more clients.  I was successful using his strategies and then after ten years I retired from real estate.  However, I was answering real estate questions on Quora about door knocking that led me to pass on his wisdom and my own inside this door knocking course for realtors.

What's inside?

This course is designed to equip real estate professionals with the skills and strategies needed to effectively prospect for clients through the traditional method of door knocking. Participants will learn the art of door-to-door prospecting, cultivating meaningful connections with potential clients, and converting door knocks into successful real estate transactions.

  • Each module includes a combination of lectures, case studies, role-playing exercises, and group discussions.
  • Participants will have access to online resources, templates, and tools to support their door knocking efforts.
  • Q&A sessions and peer feedback will be incorporated to enhance learning.

By the end of this course, real estate professionals will have the knowledge and confidence to implement effective door knocking strategies, expanding their client base and boosting their overall success in the real estate industry.

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  • 1 Weeks
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  • December 3, 2023 9:23 pm
Course Curriculum

Course Lessons

9 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Module 1: Introduction to Door Knocking in Real Estate 50 points
Module 2: Best Neighbourhoods for Door Knocking 50 points
Module 3: Preparation and Planning 50 points
Module 4: Effective Communication Strategies 50 points
Module 5: Leveraging Technology in Door Knocking 50 points
Module 6: Door Knocking Techniques and Best Practices 50 points
Module 7: Relationship Building and Follow-Up 50 points
Module 8: Overcoming Challenges and Objections 50 points
Module 9: Metrics and Performance Tracking 50 points