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What 8 MP3's Do You Get?

1. Clearing Subconscious Negativity.  

This session is an experience where you are walking down a hallway seeing your reflection and how it gets better as your positive attitude begins to increase.  This is then future paced with enjoying life more by living from your higher sense of self.

2.  Loving Yourself.

This is a strategy used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ for boosting your own ego strength and ability to rediscover your own inner value. Sometimes life can cause us to feel, think and believe that we're worthless.  This strategy clears that so you can rebuild the feeling of having greater compassion for yourself so that you can feel reconnected to your source of power.

3.  Time Management.

I used to have multiple unfinished projects.  This was one of them!  But after writing and recording this session, I began to prioritize my time and finish the projects I was working on.  This session alone can save you time by recognizing how to
be more effective ways while eliminating what might have been preventing you from using your time efficiently.

4.  Focus and Concentration. 

This sessions increases your ability to focus and improve your concentration by linking colours you see in everyday awareness with positive commands that trigger greater awareness of how you are the ruler of your mind and body. 

5.  Removing Limiting Beliefs.

You may be bumping up against the same problems over and over.  What may be blocking you is a limiting belief that is keeping you in the same level in your life.  This session helps you to level up by thinking about how much better your life can be by removing whats holding you back so that you can gain progress and create a lifetime of achievement that wouldn't have been possible if your programming didn't think you could do it.

6.  Reclaim Your Future After a Breakup.

This session has been accessed over twenty thousand times and has received continual positive feedback.  This session works by having you focus less on the ex, and focusing more about rebuilding your future and being excited about making long term plans.

7.   Becoming Optimistic.

Life will give us challenges on it's own.  Our job is to make the best of situations and that includes having the ability to turn down the negativity bias we all have, and turning up the optimism in our lives so that we can have a more enjoyable life.  The past doesn't equal the future and this session is for subconsciously using imaginary dials to increase the experience of being optimistic.

8.  Wealth and Prosperity.

With this session you will learn that wealth is what you have left over if you were to lose all your money.  The emotional charge around money is often what prevents people from having enough.  This session helps you to think of how you can create value and use leverage and systems to increase your financial well being. 



Hi, I'm D.S. Yvon from Reprogramming Mind
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