How to Get Over Your Ex in 5 Hours – Strategies to Forget Your Ex


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    • Learn a mind strategy successfully used on U.S. Veterans to cure PTSD to help you forget your ex for good.
    • Why Zinc Finger protein 268 in the hippocampus is a MUST to change, modify or update memories of your ex.
    • Discover why it can take years to stop thinking of your ex and the step by step intervention to erase the triggered feelings in 5-6 hours.
    • How a particular brain protein to your amygdala is needed to stop anxiety related to your ex.
    • Discover Why a 'Prediction Error' in the 'Reconsolidation Window' is the key to unlock yourself from the memories of your ex in 5 Hours.


If you have to get over them fast, or if you've just had enough of them living rent-free in your head, get this to get over them because it is based on the fastest form of neuroplasticity with a recent discovery about memory formation and combined with strategies that have even been used to help thousands overcome flashbacks, nightmares, restless nights, and intrusive thoughts about the past.

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Also includes Hypnosis MP3's:

  • Rebuilding Ego Strength

  • Overcoming Heartbreak

  • Let Go and Find Hope

  • Building Self-Esteem

  • Get Over a Relationship