Memory Reconsolidation.This is a collection of essays by neuroscientists that share their research all on the topic of memory reconsolidation.  From nematodes to the difference between extinction and reconsolidation (Chapter 6) and the references in this book alone are worth having as a resource.

The details about the difference between extinction and reconsolidation should be read by every therapist.
Here is a quote from chapter 6 on the Clinical Importance of Understanding the Relationships between Reconsolidation and Extinction for the Treatment of Emotional Disorders by Satoshi Kida:

"The finding that LTM may be more dynamic and plastic than previously thought may have important clinical implications for the treatment of emotional disorders (Delgado et al., 2008; Phelps & LeDoux, 2005; Rauch et al., 2006).

Understanding the circumstances in which maladaptive memories become plastic (and modifiable) is of clear clinical relevance. As described previously, studies have shown that LVGCCs, CB1, and protein degradation via proteasome-dependent processes are all important in weakening (destabilizing and extinguishing) fear memories (Lee et al., 2008; Marsicano et al., 2002; Suzuki et al., 2004, 2008). Thus, they might serve as useful therapeutic targets for the treatment of conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias." - Satoshi Kida, University of Tokyo

One of the reviews sums it as 'not easy reading but full of insight and wisdom.'

Unlocking the Emotional Brain. Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation. Bruce Ecker writes with such clarity and eloquence!. This book shows the steps to creating a therapeutic intervention on the memory reconsolidation framework.  I read this book several times one summer while at an Air BnB. One time I was in the elevator with a guest and he looked at the book i was reading and then had a bit of a micro expression of ... unexpectedness.
Anyways, if you want to clear up traumas of the past for yourself or for others, read this book first so you know what you're doing when changing memories using the coherence therapy steps for reconsolidating memories.

Lots of case examples and reader friendly style to read.

Easily one of my most valuable reads of all time.
20 ways to reframe? Yes!
This book teaches a communication skill that you must develop if you're going to be changing minds for good, including your own.
For personal growth, this helped to blow out cognitive distortions and stinkin' thinking especially if you fall prey to your negative self-talk.

This work is great for handling replies in relationships, emails, texting, reading newspaper headlines and thinking in cleaner ways. This book is a workout and you might want to read the reviews on it first because it's either great or bad.  If you're a leader and need to know what to say to make the negative comments by Debbie Downers into a reframing masterpiece of replies, this book will teach you. Mind Lines for Changing Minds is worth learning!


Transforming Futures:
The Brooklyn Program Facilitators Manual.
One of my favourite authors!
Imagine having to meet with a bunch of convicts every week and none of them want to be there or see you or be told what to do. That is the situation Richard Gray put himself in as a correctional officer in New Jersey.  The book is about the program created for helping convicts kick drugs without talking about drugs. Rick uses his NLP skills and has these convicts get into states of positive emotions and then has them anchor the feelings. This teaches them self efficacy, self-esteem and futurity which are the three building blocks for kicking addictions.  The program is also good for the facilitator since they seem to get benefit also of practicing positive emotions on command.

'The Brooklyn Program was used for seven years by the United States Probation Department in Brooklyn, New York as a major treatment modality for substance use disorders. Over that period, hundreds of clients were treated who achieved high program attendance, significant one year abstinence rates and significant levels of personal growth'

This is also the basis for the Rockstar Resilience Program.

Mastering Hypnotic Language.
I don't know who this guy is but it's a guy who has a lot of in the knowledge in the field of hypnosis both professionally and as a teacher.  He's to the point and has some attitude along with tremendous value in his work.  This book was three dollars and it was easily a huge value in comparison to hypnosis classes taken in person. Instead of doing a hypnosis course, dip your toe with this book to get a strong grasp of how to speak using hypnotic language. The more you learn, the easier it gets 😉 That was the 'the more, the more pattern.'
Fun right?
And as you're reading this you might also begin to wonder what it's like to hit the tweet button so that sharing this information becomes a natural part of your behaviour, noooow! ... Muahahaha.

The Savior Generals: How Five Great Commanders Saved Wars That Were Lost - From Ancient Greece to Iraq.

Being in a war and losing horribly is a terrifying place to be. Also bad is being the new person now in charge of turning things around.  This is tough because not only is a battle won on the field, but also in the mind.  Savior Generals is about how 5 generals changed the minds of soldiers and civilians to go from a losing position to one of victory.  This book is recommended for several reasons. One, you will have good stories to tell people/clients/students about resilience. Two, it gives you the realization that if you do right thing and win, you still might be unpopular and not well liked. For example, General Ridgway. He was sent to South Korea to surrender and salvage whatever men and equipment he could. Instead he went on the offensive with missions such as 'Operation Roundup' and 'Operation Killer'. Certainly not peaceful missions.  The author, Victor Davis Hanson said General Matthew B Ridgway 'was naive about the effect he had on people because he was so morally upright, and he lectured people. And he was so, I guess immune from the passions and emotions that were swirling around him that he didn't realize the effect it had. So all of the central players in the American military, whether it was Dwight Eisenhower or General Van Fleet or Douglas MacArthur, at one time or another severely criticized him. And he wasn't aware of their animosity toward him. He didn't really care about it much.'

The Savior Generals, (Themistocles, Belisarius, William Tecumseh Sherman, Matthew Ridgway, and David Petraeus) who single-handedly saved their nations from defeat in war.
This is worth a read if you want to pick up some history on individuals that changed defeated minds into victorious ones and did so when it was life or death.





I bought videos from here and audios. Sometimes they were used for different projects such as hypnosis videos.  The background music from 'Hypnosis for Mental Strength' was purchased on Fiverr. Then I merged them together and made content for Youtube.
Fiverr has hundreds of talented people that are specialized in various niches.

If you need a website, logos, a meditation video, a customized hypnosis script or a coach. There is something to be found there that you can get value from and the prices are fair. It's sort of like an Amazon for entrepreneurs with specialized talents and skills.


Learn to manage feelings and thoughts with the lifelong skill of everyday mindfulness, any time of the day. They have articles about meditations and many audios to choose from for managing anxiety to something light for falling asleep. If you enjoy meditations, there are so many to choose from that you can easily find ways to get more headspace with audios such as:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Meditation for beginners
  • Meditation for awareness
  • Meditation for stress
  • Meditation for anxiety
  • How to relax
  • Calming meditation
  • Relaxation meditation
  • Social anxiety

And Headspace has a free 14 day trial. sleep, meditate, improve focus. It's all there and they have an easy to navigate site that makes it enjoyable to visit.


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I've used it to sell audios and courses.

They make it easy to make your site designed how you prefer. If you're into picking colours and making your site look super pretty without having to pay a designer that knows coding too, this theme is more than ideal. And it has some extra add-ons that can be purchased such as Bloom. This is those annoying pop-up windows that asks for your email. They work great even though they are somewhat intrusive.


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