50 Ways to Kill Brain Cells

There is more than this, but here are 50 ways to kill brain cells that you might want to consider avoiding.

1) Sniffing paint — Paint sniffing or “huffing” paint results in the chemicals in the fumes being rapidly absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream.

These chemicals quickly pass through the blood-brain barrier to the brain as well as to all other organs in the body.  Sniffing paint typically involves putting it in a bag, and then rapidly breathing in the fumes. Here are some effects:

  • Euphoria
  • Slurred speech
  • Issues with motor coordination
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness

Stay away from this stuff and get help now if you are addicted.

2) Cocaine —  Cocaine wipes out the brain cells in your brain’s pleasure center — brain cells that make you feel good and are triggered with positive emotion and pleasure.  Want to not have fun?  Doing cocaine can mess up pleasure circuits and the release of dopamine.

3) Too much stress — A little bit stress is healthy. It keeps you motivated to achieve goals. When out of hand to the point where you’re having adrenaline rushes, the body produces an excess of  “cortisol.” Too much cortisol kills brain cells.

4) Getting a concussion —  Concussions are neuronal killers. Special precautions are wearing a helmet when doing anything that can risk a head injury like bike riding, etc.

5) Rapidly shaking your head — Rapidly head shaking causes axons to tear, which causes brain cell death. A very easy way to prevent brain cell loss is by NOT shaking your head.

6) Eating junk food —  Unhealthy food on a consistent basis will cause brain cells to die. Choose healthy foods and give your brains the adequate nutrients that they need to maintain health.  Organic blueberries are amazing brain food.

7) Drinking too much alcohol —  Alcohol can cause a temporary chemical imbalance and structural changes. If you  “drink too much alcohol,” you will likely kill brain cells. MRI’s of alcoholic patients show a decreased brain volume

8) Taking ecstasy (MDMA) — Ecstasy puts holes in your brain. Brain scans have compared healthy brains to brains of those who’ve used ecstacy and have found that the “brains on ecstasy” had holes in them. Ecstasy depletes serotonin manufacturing cells, which are important for keeping a positive mood and promoting relaxation.

9) Dehydration — Without enough water, ions get disrupted and the result is brain damage. Replenish your body and brain with necessary water levels to keep your brain cells healthy and avoid dehydration.

10) Using methamphetamines — Taking methamphetamines is likely the most uneducated decision you could possibly make. Meth is one of the most addicting groups of drugs, they destroy lives and kill brain cells. Methamphetamine use causes severe to permanent brain damage even long after drug use stopped. Methamphetamines are the most dangerous group of drugs to use.

11) Getting a contusion — A contusion is a severe bruise within the brain. It does cause neuronal death (brain cell death). Unfortunately, most people that have contusions couldn’t really do much to avoid them. Sports like boxing where taking jabs to the head is common, influences the development of contusions. Safety precautions: wear a helmet or hardhat when debris or other objects have potential to damage your head. The greatest Mohammed Ali suffered brain contusions from his heavy involvement in boxing.

12) Having a stroke — A stroke results from temporary loss of blood-flow to the brain. Usually, the damage from having a stroke is centralized in just one side of the brain. Strokes can cause anything from small lesions, to widespread cell death. Unfortunately strokes cannot be avoided, but there are things that you can do to reduce your risk: lowering stress levels and staying active are just a couple healthy activities that reduce risk of a stroke. An interesting fact: millions of brain cells die each minute a stroke is left untreated.

13) Avoiding exercise — The act of avoiding exercise doesn’t kill brain cells, however, the effects that are associated with lack of exercise happen to be killers. Exercise reduces stress levels, chance of brain damage, and even creates new brain cells. If you are avoiding exercise, you happen to be setting your brain cells up for an early death. Make time in your schedule to exercise and reap the benefits; exercise should never be avoided.

14) Sensory deprivation — Sensory deprivation may cause you to have auditory hallucinations. When your brain undergoes sensory deprivation for longer periods of time, you lose brain cells. When cells are not stimulated for long periods of time, your brain reorganizes itself; you naturally lose the unused, understimulated cells.

15) Taking absinthe — Most types of absinthe contain extremely high amounts of ethanol and a chemical called thujone; both of which can cause brain cell death. Thujone has the opposite effects of barbiturates like Xanax and in high doses can cause seizures and possibly death. It is definitely best to avoid absinthe and not put your brain at risk of damage.

16) Drinking too much water — The act of drinking too much water in too short of time period will actually flood your nervous system and kill off brain cells. How exactly does this work? When the ratio of water to sodium escalates, your brain swells and brain cells die in the process. Individuals on low-sodium diets may be especially vulnerable to “water toxicity.” It is important to stay hydrated, but be reasonable; you know what’s right for your body. Don’t go overboard and kill off your brain cells!

17) Being a chronic negative thinker — The act of simply thinking negative will not cause any sort of brain cell loss. Most people have negative thoughts that creep in their consciousness from time to time. It is when the negative thinking takes over, gets “out of line” and causes stress, and you to make unwise decisions such as taking drugs like Ecstacy to improve your mood at the club when you are probably losing brain cells. The side-effects and byproducts from negative thoughts are what make you more likely to engage in activities that kill brain cells. Negative thinking is an indirect killer; surround yourself with positivity and a healthy circle of friends!

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