If you have a hobby that you want to create content about, then knowing how to start a youtube channel is a skill worth having.

You might have a skill or talent that you would like to educate your audience with?

Maybe you are looking for something to use as part of the growth of your business or online training resource?

how do i create a youtube channel

how to start your own youtube channel

how do i start a youtube channel

how to start a youtube channel for beginners

After  you have all the these checked, apply in youtube and click about reading the form and then you get this message in your Monetization tab.

2nd step is Adsense. I already had an account so this was automatically ok'd.
3rd step is to just wait while Youtube checks out the channel to see if it's safe for ads.

While you're waiting for approval from Youtube, you might be able to save time by learning how to start your Youtube channel on the track to Tube Mastery.

This is a course that has all you need in one spot to make sure you are maximizing the most from your channel including creating the best thumbnails, keywords, outsourcing resources, evergreen niches etc.

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