Phrases for Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis can be the communication skill that makes a beneficial difference in your life, whether its talking to your partner, handling objections when closing a sale or being able to get the kids fed and in bed without a debate, the ability to talk and direct conversations, is a worthwhile skill.

So what are some phrases to use to make your conversations more persuasive?

Here are a few:

The more, the more.
e.g. The more you read this post, the more you’ll find yourself learning hypnotic phrases.
The more you relax, the more you’ll get from this session.
The more I heard this guy talk, the more I realized he was the expert I needed.

Which means.
By adding these phrases to your conversation, you’ll have greater options, which means you’ll have more opportunity to directionalize your languaging accordingly.
As you direct conversations, you’ll notice your life improving, which means you really can use hypnotic phrases effectively.

To the point where.
You can learn hypnotic phrases to the point where you use them without conscious effort.
Your skills using conversational hypnosis can improve to the point where you can’t stop doing it!

Also consider metaphors, embedded commands and ambiguous verbs.

Metaphor e.g. beach balls, sling shot, bow n arrow.
When you experience adversity, it reminds you of a (beach ball that’s been shoved underwater) (sling shot pulled back) (arrow pulled back), which means you generate tremendous power to rise every time you experience setbacks.

Ambiguous verbs.

As you begin to consider how to use conversational hypnosis, you might realize that it is easier than you thought, especially as you notice yourself doing it automatically to the point where you might ponder how you learned so fast.

Embedded Commands.
Put the word ‘As’ + command.
Command might be ‘Read this post and Tweet it’
‘As you read this post and tweet it….’

That’s a bit harsh and needs a softening word a.k.a modal operators of possibility.

Modal operators of possibility
- Could
- Perhaps
- Might
- Can
So instead the sentence would be the same with a modal operator included, like so,
'As, you read this post, you (might) (can) (could) (perhaps) want to share it on Twitter.

Now lets combine Embedded commands in italics and modal operators of possibility in bold:

As you begin to consider how your life can be improving with conversational hypnosis, you might begin to wonder in what other ways, this skill can be applied elsewhere so that the more you use conversational hypnosis, the more you experience benefits in other areas of your life, which means your desire to absorb this info will increase because the more you learn, the better things become to the point where other people seek your advice on this topic due to the results you’re getting.

How fun was that??

However, learning phrases is not enough be impactful with speech.

It would be like learning how to only use turn signals on a car.
Yes it's useful, but nowhere near what’s required to get you driving properly.

Which is why phrases is just having phrases is just icing, no cake.
Consider taking a course on CH to get more cake.
Igor Ledochowski has a good course on conversational hypnosis which I’ve taken and found it to be of good value, lengthy and beneficial. There are other courses out there and I did a review of one recently that I thought was weak. So I vote for Igors course only because the alternates seemed like watered down copies.

Also, apart from conversational hypnosis, there is also non-verbal communication as a fantastic add-on to your communication skills.
Little gestures can rapidly get the point across. Consider famous lecturers and how they use their hands to teach a concept.

Dr. Jordan Peterson uses his hands to pantomime hierarchies.

Walter Lewin Physics lecture with a bowling ball coming within inches of his head conveys more about physics than mere words alone.

Kennedy asking what you can do for your country as he points to the crowd also has more impact, especially if you imagine him not pointing and noticing the difference.

To learn more about conversational hypnosis, click below.

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