Here are 15 things I did to fix my hormones & get pregnant (with my first child) at 44:

1) I stopped drinking caffeine completely and reduced alcohol to a few glasses a month (there are some beneficial properties of alcohol for those with low sex hormones but only in moderation as you don’t want cortisol or blood sugar to spike).

2) I ate a protein focused breakfast within an hour of waking.

3) I switched from HIIT & weight lifting to walking daily.

4) I started taking probiotics & prebiotics daily. This helps ensure good vaginal bacteria is present and PH is balanced. I also researched the right supplements to take daily for enhancing egg quality, fertility & mood regulation.

5) I switched from plastic and teflon to glass and stainless steel in the kitchen.

6) I started eating more seafood, eggs, butter, olive oil, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, legumes, nuts, whole clean bread, rice/potatoes, fruits & veggies and cut back on meat (high quality meat is good but not in lieu of the rest). I had already cut out processed foods.

7) I switched to FULL FAT dairy and raw milk.

8) I slowed down, took more breaks, rested more (reduce stress) and I meditated daily. Focus on emotional regulation practices to keep cortisol low.

9) I made sure to get 15–30 mins of early sunshine in addition to my daily walks.

10) I tracked and synched with my cycle (including the obvious intimacy activities as well).

11) I switched out endocrine disrupting products for natural products (hair, nails, skin, makeup, bath, clothes, healthcare products, etc).

12) I started using an air purifier & an air humidifier.

13) I started using a reverse osmosis filter system with remineralized water.

14) I prioritized 8 hours of sleep.

15) I focused my free time on maximizing quality time bonding and creating feel good hormones.

These are just some of the things I did to reverse my reproductive age and delay perimenopause. If you are anxious about starting a family late in the game —especially if you’re single—start making these changes to leverage your preconception health. I know how hard it is to stay optimistic when you feel your options are limited and nothing is in your control. You can’t manifest the perfect husband exactly when you want him, but your health and happiness are in your control. Try these steps to set yourself up for success as best you can if you find yourself unavoidably short on time. Don’t wait for the man to arrive to start taking better care of you and your future baby’s home. It takes up to 2 years to transform the genetic & physical environment from which your legacy will flourish! Once you feel confident about taking care of your fertility, you can begin to surrender to the process and have more faith that it’s just a matter of time. But you need to be doing your part to allow it to all line up in divine timing. It can be done 


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