Agenda setting: it's the ability of the news to influence the importance placed on certain Topics by public opinion just by covering them frequently and prominently.  The propaganda technique of 'agenda setting' involves influencing the importance placed on topics in the public agenda through media coverage. This technique is a significant aspect of propaganda and is closely related to the agenda-setting theory in media studies. Here are some examples of the propaganda technique of 'agenda setting':

Highlighting Specific Events: By repeatedly highlighting certain events in the media, a sense of urgency and importance is created around those issues, influencing public perception and understanding.

Influencing Public Opinion: The media's selection and emphasis on particular events can shape how the audience perceives reality, even if it may not accurately reflect the true significance of those events[3].

Correlation with Public Opinion: Studies like those on the US Presidential Election of 1968 have shown a strong correlation between media coverage and public opinion, indicating how media agenda setting can impact societal views.

Selective Coverage: Media outlets selectively choose which events to cover prominently, often based on their ideologies and interests, which can sway public attention and understanding.

Creating Perceived Importance: The coverage of events like royal weddings or high-profile trials can captivate global audiences, even when the relevance to individuals is minimal, showcasing how media agenda setting can influence what is deemed important. Examples include all the coverage about  'Russia collusion' or 'Ivermectin horse medicine'

Appeal to fear: appeals to seek to build support by instilling anxiety and panic in the general population. People today still wear masks even though it's been proven by the Cochrane study that masks are ineffective.

Appeal to Prejudice: using Appeal to Prejudice prejudices to attach value or moral goodness to something.

Inevitable Victory: invites those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to certain victory. Those already or at least partially on the bandwagon are reassured that staying aboard is their best course of action.

Join the crowd: this technique is used to convince the audience that a program is an expression of an irresistible mass movement and that it is in their best interest to join.  Wear a mask because everyone is doing it!

Beautiful People: usually used in advertising instead of politics it's the type of propaganda that deals with famous people or depicts attractive happy people this suggests that if people buy a product or follow a certain ideology they too will be happy or successful.

Big lie: behind this technique is that people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one it could happen because others are at a loss for where to even begin to refute it. "Climate Change"


Classical Conditioning: everyone responds to classical conditioning which is a behavioral procedure in which a natural stimulus is associated with a neutral stimulus enough times to create the same response by using just the neutral one.

Cognitive Dissonance: exploits people's desire to be consistent. For example if an analyst finds that a certain group of people hate his candidate for Senator but love actor A, he could use actor A's endorsement of their candidate to change people's minds.

Plain Folk: attempts to convince the audience that the propagandists positions reflect the common sense of the people it is designed to win the confidence of the Audience by communicating in the common Manner and style of the target audience a common example of this type of propaganda is a political figure usually running for a placement in a backyard or shop doing daily routine things. Trudeau swinging a hammer.

Cult of Personality: a cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media to create an idealized and heroic public image often through unquestioning flattery and praise. The hero personality then Advocates the positions that the propagandist desires to promote. An example can be these doctored images of Trump to look like Rocky or Superman.

Demonizing the Enemy: making individuals from the opposing side appear to be subhuman worthless or immoral. "DemocRATS', unvaccinated that walk among us' -Gene Simmons

Demoralization: propaganda directed at an adversary to erode fighting spirit and encourage surrender or defection.:

Dictat: this technique hopes to simplify the decision- making process by using images and words to tell the audience exactly what action to take eliminating any other possible choice. propaganda technique that aims to simplify the decision-making process by using images and words to direct the target audience, a judge, or a jury, towards specific actions, eliminating any other possible choices. This technique is designed to guide individuals towards a predetermined conclusion or course of action by presenting information in a clear and directive manner. By employing dictat, propagandists seek to influence the audience's perceptions and decisions by limiting their options and emphasizing a particular viewpoint or agenda

Disinformation: the creation or deletion of information from public records for the purpose of making a false record of an event or the actions of a person or organization including faking photographs videos and sound recordings as well as printed documents. For example only looking at a small portion of climate change data that implies man-made deleterious effects instead of looking at 500,000 years of data and realizing this is the coldest time in centuries.

Divide and Rule: gaining and maintaining Power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. Blacks, Latinos, Republicans, Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated, Climate Change Denier, etc.

Euphemism: a generally innocuous word or expression used in place of one that may may be found offensive or suggest something unpleasant.

Euphoria: event that generates happiness to boost morale such as a military parade with marching bands and patriotic messages or making luxury items available.

Fear: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt sometimes abbreviated as FUD is an attempt to influence public perception by disseminating negative and dubious false information designed to undermine The credibility of their beliefs it could be considered a manifestation of the appeal to fear technique.

Fire hose of falsehood: it's a propaganda technique in which a large number of messages are broadcast rapidly repetitively and continuously over multiple channels such as news and social media without regard for truth or consistency. Mass child graves in Canada....yet no bodies. Story is just fiction, but it continues to be retold.

Flag waving: to justify an action on the grounds that doing so will make one more patriotic or in some way benefit a group country or idea. LGBTQ, BLM, Ukranian Flag, Confederate...these all stir emotions depending on the colours and pattern on the fabric atop the pole.

Flak: efforts to discredit or cast out the prevailing assumptions.

Foot in the Door Technique: recruiters and salesmen for example the perpetrator walks up to the the victim and pins a flower or gives a small gift to the victim the victim says thanks and now they have incurred a psychological debt to the perpetrator the person eventually asks for a larger favor.

Framing: happens when in order to persuade a political audience of one side of an argument or another the facts are presented through a rhetorical frame that shifts the individual's perception. There are books written on the topic and my favourite is 'Mindlines' by L. Michael Hall.

Gish Gallop: bombarding a political opponent with obnoxiously complex questions in rapid fire during a debate to make the opponent appear to not know what they are talking about.

Glittering Generalities: emotionally appealing words that are applied to a product or idea but present no concrete argument or analysis.  It has the intent of associating the product or idea with an already established feel-good value in the mind of the audience they ask for approval without examination of the reason. e.g Pride, Inclusivity, Diversity. Such pretty sounding words

Guilt by Association: this technique is used to persuade a target audience to disapprove of an action or idea by suggesting that the idea is popular among disliked groups.

Half Truth: deceptive statement that includes some element of Truth. It comes in several forms the statement might be partly true the statement may be totally true but only part of the whole truth or it may utilize some deceptive element such as improper punctuation.

Information Information Overload: when an entity floods a certain topic with an enormous amount of information in order to increase the difficulty of understanding an issue and effectively making decisions it can have the same effect as secrecy. 'Flood the zone with shit' - Steve Bannon media advice

Intentional Vagueness: saying something so vague as to be meaningless or open to multiple interpretations in so doing the vagueness distracts attention from legitimate concerns or questions. 'Defund the Police'

Labeling: describing someone, something or a group with a derogatory word or phrase.

Latitudes of Acceptance: to make someone agree to something that he doesn't agree with a more extreme stance on the subject could be first taken so that when the actual moderate argument is presented it seems more acceptable another technique could consist in moderating one's own position to kind of match the target's beliefs and then over time slowly moving to the one that was previously held.

Limited Hangout: it happens when someone's veil of secrecy is shredded and he can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public.  He resorts to admitting sometimes even volunteering some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case the public is usually so intrigued by the new information information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.

Loaded Language: specific words and phrases with strong emotional implications that are used to influence the audience.

Love Bombing: is a technique used to recruit someone to a cult or ideology by bombarding him with affection in an attempt to isolate him from his prior beliefs values and social support.

Milieu control: controlling someone's communication style and environment through the use of social pressure and group language an example could be slang that enables group members to identify other members if the communication style becomes too peculiar it might result in isolation from the surrounding. e.g Pronouns!

Misinformation: involves intentionally spreading false or inaccurate information to deceive or manipulate an audience. Below a woman shares her experience of being misinformed by her gynecologist:

Society Obfuscation: it happens when a message is intentionally made difficult to understand. Twice vaccinated can go without a mask but unvaccinated need a mask.  If standing, mask, if not standing but indoors, mask. Operant conditioning: a learning process where behaviors are modified through the association of stimuli with reinforcement or punishment. Oversimplification: oversimplification favorable generalities are used to provide simple answers to complex problems. Jails are mostly black so it must be racism. Oversimplified. Paltering is the active use of selective truthful statements to mislead. Pensée Unique: unique enforce first reduction of discussion through the use of overly simplistic phrases or arguments. Black lives Matter! Quotes out of Context: selective editing of quotes that can change meanings. Trump 'Bloodbath'. Rationalization is a defense mechanism in which people justify difficult or unacceptable feelings with seemingly logical reasons and explanations. Reflexivity: The alchemical process employed by malicious individuals who seek to instigate major shifts in public opinion is known as reflexivity.  

Reflexivity essentially involves utilizing dialectical methodologies to transform that which is not into a possibility and eventually into reality. The effectiveness of reflexivity relies on the use of "fertile fallacies" to sustain its momentum. These fallacies consist of partially untrue statements that contain some elements of truth, or they can be accurate statements manipulated in a postmodern manner during dialectical warfare. For instance, the statement "Black Lives Matter" is undeniably true. However, it is unfortunately exploited by a Neo-Marxist, militant, authoritative, and "Postmodern Puritan" insurgency group that aims to overthrow our constitutional republic.

Reflexivity depends on an unending series of positive feedback loops that saturate the media landscape with uninterrupted flow of unquestioned information. The repetition of the same talking points is necessary to achieve the desired outcome of reflexivity. On the left side of integralism, the strategy of "repressive tolerance" coined by Herbert Marcuse is aggressively employed to silence those who oppose the mandated narrative demanding action and compliance from all. On the right side of integralism, the aggressive utilization of "No enemies to the right" from a Schmittian perspective ensures that anyone who questions the reflexive goals of the growing movement is silenced. Interestingly, when faced with challenges, the right-leaning movement appears to align more with Marcuse's approach rather than Schmitt's.

Similar to the Black Lives Matter movement, certain militant integralist groups are aiming to instigate a significant polarizing divide within our country. Much like how the Neo-Marxists manipulated the valid statement "Black Lives Matter" to further their malicious agenda, hardcore Roman Catholic Integralists and Protestant Neo-Integralists are also using the unquestionably true statement "Christ is King" or "Christ is Lord" to attract unsuspecting Christians into their reactionary movement, ultimately leading to the fragmentation of our nation. This coercive and authoritarian movement, if successful, will effectively bring an end to our constitutional republic. It will also fulfill the divisive and separatist objectives sought by the Marxists affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

Any resistance to the message must be promptly eliminated or ridiculed. A shield of "experts" or "leading voices" is established around the wheel of reflexivity. Anyone who opposes the momentum of the paradigm-shifting movement is immediately confronted, suppressed, and regarded as "outside of the tribe" and working against "winning" or even "the will of God."

(4) Well known wider-society examples of reflexivity:

  •  The Covid-19 lockdowns
  • The advancement and spread CRT after the death of George Floyd
  • The pseudo-panacea of vaccinations
  • The insistence of an all-in support of Ukraine and the hatred of Russia
  • The sustainability and de-growth movment.

Examples of reflexivity in Evangelical Christianity:
1. The infusion of critical social justice across nearly every ministry and parachurch ministry in evangelicalism
2. The introduction of coercive Neo-Integralism through "Christian Nationalism" In each situation, a newly-minted group of "experts" or "leaders" are recruited to authenticate the fertile fallacy within the reflexive movement.

To effectively create the momentum of reflexivity, the following methodology must be used: Problem -> Reaction -> Solution.

It begins with a "problem" that requires a response and an immediate solution. Problems such as -a "deadly" virus -"deadly" systemic racism -DQSH -classical liberalism Then, an aggressive push is made to "defeat the enemy" and separate from those that are dehumanized. We will be told to dismantle our nation, our constitution, and follow the new path of integralism (which just happens to be the same system being pushed by the WEF and the Vatican).

The strategically planned "reaction" (or Neo-reaction) follows the problem reactions such as:
-locking down the entire economy of the nation-shifting everyone to incorporate DEI
-Demanding the embrace of Christian Nationalism and a Christian Magistrate
-Calling for a national divorce or for Balkanization of the United States

Solutions will eventually be introduced further along in the reflexive process: -Everyone must be traced and tracked according to their health and vaccinated status -Everyone everywhere must participate in a economic system that is based upon ESG and distributism
-The nation much be refactored for subsidiarity and Balkanized according to ideological and theological beliefs.
-New Christian Nationalist leaders have now suggested that "sex-texting" (sexting) be made illegal -- which would of course require the constast surveillance of communications from an outside moral authority. Over a relatively short period of time, movements created by reflexivity produce a paradigm-shifting change within an affinity group, a nation or a civilization.

Anyone who openly opposes the movement, such as Christian Nationalism, will be subjected to a Neo-Maoist struggle session, characterized by the dissemination of false information and crude retorts from individuals who assert their loyalty to the principles of "Christ." (Below you will find responses directed at @conceptualJames. For over two decades, the Evangelical and Catholic faiths were manipulated like puppets as their devoted leaders introduced Marxism and postmodernism into the Church. Many years ago, I cautioned numerous leaders who had embraced Christian Nationalism that it would become the "reaction" to the issue of CRT. Despite warnings from either myself or @ConceptualJames about the usage of thought terminating cliches or other knee-jerk movements, a significant number of people still choose not to listen, even if they have disagreements with some of our views, and blindly follow the next “current thing.”

Repetition: refers to the repetition of a certain symbol or slogan so that the audience remembers it.
'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.'

Scapegoating: assigning blame to an individual or group thus alleviating feelings of guilt from responsble parties or distracting attention from the need to fix the problem. e.g Border is open because Trump.

Semantic satiation technique: has the intent of lessening the impact of a certain word by repeating it and using it for trivial accusations. The word becomes more normalized and does not have the same negative impact. "Racist" is so overused now that it has lost its potentcy.

Smear campaign: is an intentional premeditated effort to undermine an individual's or group's reputation.

Testimonials are quotations in or out of context that are cited to support something. Books have book reviews, movies have movie reviews, and Amazon has product reviews. These are all just testimonials from people that have used the product/service. Reading these testimonials increases the chance of creating a transaction.

Third Party Technique: exploits the fact that people are more willing to accept an argument from a seemingly independent source of information than from someone with a stake in the outcome. e.g. Diet approved by 30 separate doctors or a diet approved by the American Diabetic association that only allows approved people to reply?









Transfer technique: projecting positive or negative qualities of a person onto another one to make the second one more acceptable or to discredit him.

Unstated Assumption:  this technique is used when the propaganda concept would seem less credible if explicitly stated.  The concept is instead repeatedly assumed or implied.

Whataboutism: attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument.

Misuse of Statistics: reporting statistics in such a way as to unappropriate alter people's perceptions on a certain topic. e.g. Afer a car crash, the people who wear seatbelts are in the hospital longer than people that don't wear seatbelts. (People that don't wear seatbelts die)

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