In this post we're taking a look at a chapter inside of Brian Tracy's  'Maximum Achievement'. He's written over 80 books and this is his all time bestseller.  In there is his 12-step system for goal achievement.


First step is desire.  Brain Tracy calls this the motivational force to overcome fear and inertia.  Why is desire important?

"An intense burning desire for a specific goal enables you to rise above your fears and move forward over any obstacles."

If you've got desire, that's a good step for making your goals come to life.

Next is belief. "You must absolutely believe that it is possible to achieve your goal."  He says belief is the catalyst that activates your mental powers and that your goals be realistic.   He gives an example where he was making $40,000 a year and his goal was to make $400,000 the next year.  He failed because he didn't actually believe he could do it.  Next year he instead made his goal to go from $40,000 to $60,000.  He achieved that goal quite easily but likely wouldn't have if he didn't have the belief.

Write the Goal.   "One of the most powerful of all methods for implanting a goal into your subconscious mind is to write it out clearly vividly in detail exactly as you would see in reality."  He says 'don't worry about how the goal is going to be achieved. When you discipline yourself to write your goals down, the very act overrides your failure mechanism and turns on your success mechanism onto a full power.'
How will you benefit?  "Your reasons why must be uplifting and inspiring."  and there's a quote by Frederick Nietzsche which reads "Man can handle any what if he has a big enough why." I had a friend who was smoking and she wanted to quit but she kept failing.  I asked 'what is it about your life that you really love?' She loved spending time with her grandkids.  This prompted me to continue with the next question.  'If you quit smoking do you see how that can enable you to spend more time with your grandkids?'  That was her why and she hasn't smoked in the last few years. Having a strong why is a backbone to making a goal come to life.
Analyze your starting point.  "The clearer you are about where you are coming from and where you are going, the more likely it is that you will end up where you want to be."   The example he gives is about weight loss.  In order to lose weight you'd have to know how much you weigh right now.  Another example would be wanting to save up for a dream project.  One starting point would be to know where are you starting from. That way you'd have more clarity of what is specifically required.

Next is to create a deadline.  "When you set a deadline for a tangible goal, you program it into your mind and activate your subconscious forcing system which ensures that you accomplish your goal by that date."  What if you miss your deadline? He says to pick up the deadline and move it forward. Being able to change the deadline is a good thing but at least have that line in the sand so you know where you're heading.  Also, to make it a little easier, break it into sub-goals or micro objectives on your critical path.
Identify Obstacles.   "List all the obstacles between you and the goal."  Brian Tracy asks 'is there anything about myself that I will have to change or any ability that I will have to develop in order to achieve my goal?'   In other words what is my limiting step?
Let's say you wanted to build an app.   One of those limiting steps would be having to learn computer programming.   Or maybe you want it to go on a big trip but you didn't have your passport.  When you know the obstacles, you know what you're up against and what's needed to get through them or over them.

Identify the Information for your goal. 
What talents, skills, abilities and experience or ability is required to achieve your goal?  To get more fit, it'd be good to understand what are some of the activities and exercises to achieve that goal. Could it be weightlifting, running, swimming or maybe better information on physical upkeep?

Identifying the people whose help and cooperation is required.   This might be family you might have to borrow some seed capital from, or maybe it's your boss because you need some time off,  maybe it's bankers to help finance your dream or maybe you need more customers.  Begin to organize relationships that enable the achievement of those goals.

Make a plan.   This is the easiest step because a plan is about taking the answers from all those previous steps and combining them.  Prioritize by figuring out what is the most important thing to do, then ask yourself what's the second most important and then you keep asking down the line until you've listed every activity based on its value to the completed goal.

Create a clear mental picture of your goal as it would appear if it were already achieved.  He says your subconscious mind is activated by pictures and if you look at any kind of Olympic achievers or people that have won gold medals and done all kinds of wonderful achievements one thing they've all done is they've made a picture in their mind.

Never Quit.
  Back your goals and plans with persistence and determination and he says as long as you refuse to quit you must eventually be successful.

Let's put all this together:



  • Desire
  • Belief
  • Write it down
  • How will you benefit
  • Analyze it
  • Give it a deadline
  • Identify the Obstacles
  • Identify what info you need
  • Who can help? 
  • Make a plan
  • Visualization
  • Don't Quit 

Brian Tracy Goal Achievement System Review Video.

For more on goal achievement consider checking out Brian Tracy's courses on goal achievement and maximum productivity.


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