"Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind" by Georgia Ede, MD, offers a unique perspective on the connection between diet and mental health. Dr. Ede, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist with extensive clinical experience, challenges conventional dietary recommendations and presents a 3-tiered approach to improving mood and mental health through diet modifications. The book emphasizes the impact of nutrition on brain health, providing insights into how different dietary approaches can influence conditions like anxiety, depression, and cognitive function.

Dr. Ede's book has received positive reviews for its well-researched content and practical advice on implementing dietary changes. Readers have found the book informative, impactful, and empowering, with detailed explanations on how food choices can affect mental well-being. The author's focus on ketogenic diets and other targeted dietary interventions for mental health sets this book apart from others in the genre.

Overall, "Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind" offers a comprehensive guide to optimizing mental health through nutrition, challenging traditional dietary norms, and providing readers with actionable steps to improve mood, overcome anxiety, and protect memory for long-term mental well-being.

Her interview  is a great way to get acquainted with her work and you can watch it here:

Her book is especially valuable if you are struggling with attention problems, mood swings, food obsession, or depression. Whatever the issue, you have far more control than you realize. In Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind, Dr Georgia Ede reveals that the most powerful way to change brain chemistry is with food - because that's where brain chemicals come from in the first place.

In this provocative, illuminating guide, Dr Ede explains why nearly everything we think we know about brain-healthy diets is wrong. The truth is that meat is not dangerous, vegan diets are not healthier, and antioxidants are not the answer.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind will empower you to:

  • Understand how unscientific research drives fickle news headlines and dietary guidance
  • Evaluate yourself for signs of insulin resistance - the silent metabolic disease that robs your brain of energy
  • Improve your mental health with a personalized plan to suit your own food preferences and health goals

Drawing on a wide range of scientific disciplines, including biochemistry, neuroscience, and botany, Dr Ede will ignite your curiosity about the fascinating world of food and its role in nourishing, protecting, and energizing your brain.

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