Dr. Joe Dispenza shares what a habit is, how to break it and the importance of using your mind to Romance Your Future.


Get ready to hear Dr. Joe Dispenza share his insights on how to romance your future, and also learn about the transformations he's witnessed that shattered his own beliefs about what's achievable. Let's delve into the concept of habits. Habits are like automatic, unconscious routines formed through repetition. When something becomes so familiar that your body knows it better than your conscious mind, it's programmed subconsciously. The most significant habit to break is the habit of being yourself. Neuroscience reveals that nerve cells that fire together become wired together. If you keep thinking, choosing, and doing the same things, your biology becomes hardwired in this pattern.

Changing requires conscious effort. To achieve a new vision or goal, you must alter yourself: how you think, act, and feel. Becoming aware of unconscious thoughts is key. Being vigilant about your responses and actions means you're no longer a puppet of your programming; you're consciousness observing it. Changing is maintaining such awareness and avoiding slipping back into unconscious patterns. Your conscious self must be so strong that it doesn't allow unconsciousness to creep in. In essence, true consciousness decides who you want to be.

The struggle arises when people get caught in patterns, losing their free will to programs. Habits become predictable futures based on past actions. To change, enormous energy and awareness are necessary. Habits are initially challenging—think of learning to ride a bike. At first, conscious attention is needed, but repetition allows the body to economize and perform automatically. Habits can work for or against you; it depends on what you reinforce. Negative habits may include complaining, blaming, and self-pity.

People often cling to familiar habits even if those habits harm them. Transitioning from the known to the unknown is uncomfortable but essential for change. Habits are not bad; they're neutral. Learning to embrace the discomfort of change can lead to positive transformations. Successful changes have profound effects, altering brain activity, heart rate, gene expression, and more.

Witnessing people's transformations can challenge your own beliefs. Dr. Joe Dispenza himself was amazed by changes he had thought impossible. Stage four cancers reversed, people with various health conditions recovering, even growing a new thyroid. Human potential and the power of belief are astounding.

Change involves forging new synaptic connections in the brain. Learning and remembering require repetition. You must review and explain what you've learned to solidify it. Sharing knowledge fosters understanding, and understanding prepares you for new experiences. Experience enriches neural circuits, leading to emotional responses. Repeated experiences become a part of your biology, shaping thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

Romancing your future entails holding onto your vision with an elevated emotion. This emotion triggers changes in your body, aligning it with your desired future. Most people have experienced a moment where they believed in themselves and changed something significant. By repeating this process, you align yourself with your desired outcome. Believing in your future more than your past empowers you to create your life.

Beliefs are unconscious processes that form through repetition. Most are based on past experiences. When you stop believing in your potential, you need to reaffirm your beliefs through meditation. Changing your belief requires changing your state. A chronic disbelief that we're creators rather than victims holds many of us back. Becoming a conscious creator of your life transforms victimhood into empowerment.

By investing in yourself, you invest in your future. Imagine a world where everyone takes responsibility for being the creator of their life. This shift in consciousness would lead to a new reality. So, it's time to shift from being a victim to being a creator, to awaken your potential and harness the magic within your reach.


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