'If I hadn't invested everything, I would have had no chance.'

- Elon Musk

His mind is based on a physics framework.
Physics perspective scans for negative feedback.

Linguistic apperception by removing the negations leaves this...
If I invest everything, I would have chance.

In his value system the advancement of mankind is a higher value than wealth ('everything').

Value system schema =  mankind>wealth

Lets try that with the negations back in...

not mankind, not man with wealth.

To model the mind of excellence in whichever domain you choose, has value because you can compare them to your own values. This mismatch experience is critical for changing the way a mind works.

Compare your values with the people you admire and see how it changes your mind and consequently your behaviour.

With greater insight into your own values you can uplift yourself in the darkest moments by knowing what idea you would go all in for.

To not, is no chance.

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