People are making over $50k/month using X.

And now Elon pays creators MILLIONS.

Here's 7 new ways to make money on X.

You need these two things before start to make money.

1. Create a Professional Twitter Profile.

Things to consider: - Get a Handle on Your Name - Make Your Bio Clear and Concise - Have a Clean Picture.

2. Grow Your Twitter Following.

Here are things to do to grow following: - Find the Right People to Follow - Start Interacting - Share value daily - Tweet consistently - Share relevant and useful content - Post visual content










Post Sponsored Tweets.

An easy way to make money on Twitter is by using sponsored tweets.

Use Affiliate Marketing.

By promoting affiliate products on your Twitter account, you can have a convenient way of making money. For example you might read a quote in a book and decide to share it on X.  That book title can be an Amazon affiliate link and if anyone clicks it and buys something, you get a commission.

Promote Your Brand’s Products.

If your brand has products or services, you can just use Twitter to promote them to your followers Make money with your products on Gumroad or a different platform such as Woocommerce or Shopify.

Run Viral Giveaways.

Not only do viral giveaways help boost your Twitter following, but you can also use them to make money on Twitter. Here is a guide to run twitter giveaway.

Grow your Newsletter.

One of the best places to collect email subscribers is on Twitter. You can make 1000's of dollar from growing email newsletter. Here is a youtuber showing how he makes $845,601 a year growing a newsletter.

Check out his interview for more insight on how to go about this.

Send Twitter Traffic to Your Website.

With over 400 million active users, Twitter can be a great way to get tons of website traffic.

Monetize Your Twitter Content.

Like with YouTube, you can place ads and sponsorships on your Twitter content and make money. Also Elon musk will make twitter monetization for many countries soon.

To learn more about getting your Twitter account up and ready for monetization, here is a link to their details.

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