We're going to learn how to make your own customized personalized Mind movie with  illeisms and some of the Dr Joe dispenza formula and then combine all this using free software to generate an incredibly effective technique to reprogram your mind to revolutionize the way you think and feel especially for improving decision making and your emotion regulation skills.

And we'll do all this in under five minutes.

What are illeisms who even cares about them?  What's the point of them? Illeisms are when people refer to themselves in the third person using their own name or other pronouns instead of I or me. e.g. Elmo tired. 

So if a person's name was Sandra and she wanted to get better fitness and work out more and do more yoga,  instead of saying 'oh I work out more and I go do yoga', she would say 'Sandra goes and does yoga, Sandra goes and works out'.

What are the benefits of illeisms?

Using illeisms can help people distance themselves from their own thoughts and emotions allowing them to observe themselves more objectively. This can lead to a greater understanding of their own behavior and thought patterns.

Another benefit is called strength and sense of identity. Referring to oneself in the third person can help people reinforce their sense of self especially in situations where they might feel uncertain or insecure. It can be a way of reminding oneself of their own worth and importance and some people have found that using illeisms can help them think more creatively since it forces them to approach problems in situations from a different perspective.

Some highlights from a paper called "Training for wisdom the distance self-reflection diary method."  This was a study that they did using illeisms in a bunch of people where for four weeks you're supposed to keep a diary but instead of saying I me or mine they would have people using illeisms.

If a person like Sandra was saying oh she had a bad day she wouldn't say I had a bad day she would say 'Sandra had a bad day'.  So you get people that are using illeisms and other people writing a journal using I, me, mine.

At the end they have the conclusion and talks about how illeisms improves wisdom.  What is wisdom? It concerns a balanced open approach to reasoning that seeks reconciliation of disparate viewpoints it predicts a host of desirable outcomes right such as harmonious interpersonal relationship.

"Utilizing the ancient practice of distance self-reflection we demonstrated that referring to oneself in the third person during repeated Reflections on daily events afford a more expansive self-focus in turn facilitating wiser reasoning."

The results from two field experiments suggest that training distance self-reflection can bolster wise reasoning in everyday life.

Now that we know what illeisms are and that they got some kind of benefit let's head on over to chat GPT and enter the prompt 'write 50 illeisms for better health, wealth, relationships and well-being using the name Sandra Schlabotnick. 

So there's a list of illeisms which will be the text/script to be turned into a video.

Now as for the Dr Joe dispenza formula, what he talks about is feeling grateful for the future that hasn't occurred yet, even though it's something that you want.

So instead of saying gee you know I hope I can one day fit into that outfit, you can say oh I'm so grateful that I fit into it right now' even though you don't, but we're feeling grateful feeling ahead of the event.

That's what these illeisms are like, it's like feeling gratitude for the thing that hasn't happened.

We're going to copy this illeisms list and head on over to pictory and use the script to video function.

Enter your video name and copy text in a clipboard from chatgpt with all those illeisms. it's going to be pasted right here and used to generate a video using AI.

It will come up with a whole bunch of videos that matches each sentence,  each statement,  each illeism that we made.

Some of the selections are pretty good, but some of them are kind of weak like these sorts of animated ones aren't really a match. So you just kind of pick and choose and sort which ones are most suitable for what you're looking for and to do that you just basically remove the one that's there and you find something in the Visual section.

Click up here to the visuals. I think that guy on the boat we should probably swap him out because he doesn't look like Sandra slobotnik to me. Let's use this meditating woman clip. Also turn off that background music because we don't want any music on this.   With the scenes, instead of being seven and a half seconds long let's just make each scene about three and a half seconds and that way the length of the video will be under five minutes, oh look at that two minutes and 26 seconds perfect.

That's just long enough to have a morning meditation and evening meditation.

now I hit this purple video button for Generate and it's going to generate the video and our work here is done.

 Now when the video is done it'll be downloaded to your computer and from there you can upload it to YouTube where you can slap on your own soundtrack if you like and have the video as unlisted so that only you get to watch it.

Once you got your mind movie what you want to do is you want to watch before you go to bed, that's when the brain waves are in a more relaxed State and you also want to watch it when you wake up while you're still in that relaxed State.

And that's how you can begin using your own mind movie and ways to influence yourself for the better.

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