This grief pattern is for helping you get over grief you may have over the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in a comforting, healing way.

This might be helpful since around the world, millions are mourning over the loss of a woman that has ruled for 70 years, winning affection and admiration for decades.  It is this incredible popularity and international recognition that she can be considered to be like everyones grandmother


To begin, you might want to read this over a few times to get a general idea of what is to come. The overall gist is to exchange gifts and also categorize her Majesty as one of your own mentors.

Step #1. Connect with your loss of Queen Elizabeth II.

Pay attention to your feelings of separation, sadness, or grief. Start by thinking of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Step #2. Access a resourceful, objective state.

Mentally move out of this, into a meta-state. Create a resourceful state of wisdom and balance. Take your time here and really associate into this resourceful state.

Step #3. Think of two entities to serve as your guardian angels.

Think of two persons or entities that you would like to serve as your guardian angels. They must be two mentors that, in some sense, will always be part of you as a person.

Step #4. Create a hologram of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Use your hands and your imagination to "sculpt" a life-size hologram of her. Imagine creating her in the ideal state. Notice any painful or negative ideas or recollections you may have associated in connection with her.  Now put the negativity into balloons with baskets to carry them away as you let them go.

Step #5. Enliven this lost image.

Imagine that you can invite spiritual energy to bring her majesty to you in this form, with the ability to speak in her own voice.

Step #6. Experience this and visualize a gift from her Majesty.

Experience it from her perspective. Notice how Queen Elizabeth II can be a new mentor for you. Ask her Majesty, "What is the gift that you have wished to give me?" Go to the second perceptual position, perceiving yourself through the eyes of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth eyes, and allow the answer to come through. Visualize a symbol for the gift.

Step #7. Visualize a gift from your own perspective.

Move back into your first position (seeing through your own eyes). Answer the same question as if Queen Elizabeth II was asking  "What is the gift that you have wished to give me?" Imagine a symbol of your gift to Queen Elizabeth II.

Step #8. Create a heart connection with Queen Elizabeth II.

Exchange these gifts, and imagine that your hearts are becoming gently connected by an eternal silver beam of energy.

Step #9. Share this experience with someone.

Honor this gift and it's place in your life by sharing this experience with someone you trust. For now, imagine how you might share this gift, keeping it alive. Request insight from your new mentor, who can act as a resource in helping you share this gift and all of its meaning.

Step #10. Line your mentor with your other mentors


Experience your mentors welcoming and connecting with your new mentor. Queen Elizabeth II has many quotes where she indicates being of Christian faith. For example, in 2014 speech...

'For me, the life of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose birth we celebrate today, is an inspiration and an anchor in my life. A role model of reconciliation and forgiveness, he stretched out his hands in love, acceptance and healing.'  - The Queen's Faith. 

So if you were wondering what kind of mentor might be suitable for yourself, consider that they can be religious people, saints, mythological figures, etc, as options for you.

Step #11. Bring these mentors and your gift into the loss situation to further your healing.

Bring your gift, and your mentors/guardian angels, into the loss situation. Give yourself time to experience their healing and insightful energies as they transform your sense of balance, knowing, and expanding as a person. When you are feeling a shift to an improved state of being, meditate with that feeling to let it sink in.

And now you can feel refreshed, revitalized to continue with your day.

We loved her as our own grandmother. As her Majesty said, Grief is the price we pay for love - Queen Elizabeth 2. Rest In Peace.

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