Getting over a breakup can be a time consuming and emotionally draining experience to not just get over but to actually thrive after. Fortunately, people have been researched that have exhibited resilience, post-traumatic growth and post-ecstatic growth.

Not only are these people capable of bouncing back after a breakup but they also have very particular brain regions that are indicative of resilience.

Most of the brain regions involve the top and side layers of your forehead.
Top layers are dlPFC, and the dmPFC. By imagining blood flow to these areas you can help to improve your ability to access different rule sets, and engage in better coping skills!

TO learn more, watch the video below for the full explanation and the hypnosis audio to get over a breakup by using the neurobiological regions related to resilience.

Additionally, It can be helpful to talk to a friend or family member about your feelings or seeking the help of a therapist for breakups. If you're feeling anxiety there is also online anxiety therapy from licensed counsellors which can help with triggering emotions and reactions you might still have about your ex. There are applications that have meditations and audios to help you sleep, relax, get over stuff. One to consider is the headspace app because they have good content and a free trial so you can checkout their goods and experience what works best for you.  


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