This video from the October 2015 New York Psychoanalysis Conference (NYSPA) may well be of interest to those of you interested in exploring a different angle on neuroscience and memory reconsolidation.  Professor Mark Solms, is an expert on Freud's thinking, a distinguished neuroscientist and an excellent, clear and entertaining presenter.

His basic thesis is that Freudian theory has got it wrong all along, it's the id that is conscious and the ego that is unconscious rather than the other way round. The tie-in with Coherence Therapy is that he claims that the unconscious ego contains all the schema, the emotional learnings that are the problem for the patient and he recognises memory reconsolidation as the key to change these.

In his main talk  he presents the emotional learnings as incoherent - the incomplete learnings from problems that could not be pursued to solution.

If you watch Part 2 - the follow-up panel discussion - you will see that he concedes that the learnings may have been coherent while having become outdated. He also explicitly references memory reconsolidation and the need for the original emotional learning to be reactivated in order for change to take place.


Part 2



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