Dr Daniel Amen is the author of 'Unleashing the Power of the Female' and in this post we will do a review as it may be one of the best self-help books for women.

Dr Daniel Amen has done hundreds of thousands of brain scans in his clinics across USA and has discovered that brains can be categorized into 5 types.

Brain Types:

  • Impulsive Brain
  • Compulsive Brain
  • Impulsive/Compulsive Brain
  • Sad Brain
  • Anxious Brain.


 Each brain type has it's own characteristics and their own individual way that can be improved with the suggestions by Dr Daniel Amen.  For instance, people with sad brain have an overactive limbic system and so one of 

the suggestions that helps women with sad brain is exercise.

I could more or less relate to all of these brain types at times so this might be more valuable for those that have more distinctly pronounced symptoms.
The one I could relate to the most is anxious brain.  One way a different doctor recommends for how to rewire your the anxious brain can be found in our previous posts such as using visualizations.  Dr Daniel Amen recommends a similar approach when eh says he has been using meditation and hypnosis on his clients to great effect for over thirty years.  To find out what to do to unleash the power of your female brain, or to follow along with the video, get the Free PDF which reviews the book and includes quotes and recommendations.

https://reprogrammingmind.com/unleashing-female-brain-power/for the Free PDF 

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