To find out where diseases come from you have to recognize something called the biological imperative.

What the hell is that?

It's the drive to survive. It becomes critical in organisms. As the bottom organism, bacteria, they are endowed with a biological imperative because if you try and kill a bacterium it's not going to go oh okay kill me it's going to do everything it can to stay alive so every living organism has a drive to stay alive.

In that case it also then has an awareness of what could  compromise that alive and then we build up a an awareness of the scary things that could threaten us so that if they show up in our world then we're going to immediately make a response to protect ourselves.

There are two aspects to the biological imperative.  Survival of the individual, yourself let's say, which is meanwhile seeking air, water, food, shelter and things like this because this keeps us alive. The second one is also very critical because the second part of biological imperative is survival not of the individual, but survival of the species which means there's a drive to reproduce to keep the species.

We can talk about the individual one first. So it says when threats come into the environment the biological imperative is the first to awaken you to the threat okay where is it well that's what he said well in the neural system. I  don't even know where it is and it was there in bacteria before there was much of a neural system, so all of a sudden we don't know where it is but we know it exists and the relevance about that is that we all live by this biological imperative which protects us.

If a threat is looming then the biology switches its action from growth into protection and they're mutually exclusive.

I'll just give a reason why. If there's a stimulus that offers growth you go to that stimulus and you go with your arms open to take it in, assimilate. It's growth. It could be food, it could be love. You open up, you go to the stimulus, open up and take it in, that's growth protection.

You go away from the threat and you close yourself down in protection.

You can't be in growth and protection at the same time they're mutually exclusive behaviors. so when we get into protection, we shut down our openness and our growth in the world and we start to look at how can I preserve myself in this threat.

How does the body make a response to this?

The hypothalamus which interprets the signals interprets the fact that there's a threat, and when it does that it sends a signal to the pituitary gland.

The brain hypothalamus says 'oh this is a threatening situation' and it sends a signal the pituitary gland which in high school was called the master gland because its secretions control 50 trillion cells that are in your body, and then in a state of threat the pituitary sends a signal to the adrenal glands which in school was called Fight or Flight.  The adrenal stress hormones go to the body and they redirect the system, they take away the energies that are involved with growth. The energy is involved with the immune system.  If you're being chased by a saber-toothed tiger a bacterial infection is not your big deal at that moment and the immune system uses tremendous amount of energy because when people get sick sometimes they don't even have energy to get out of bed, so what are we talking about when we get in stress. We want to allocate all the body's energy to escape and escape uses arms and legs.

Your energy is where? In the blood.

What happens when stress hormones come in?  They redirect the flow of the blood and they take the blood in preferentially send it to the arms and legs because that's where the energy is going to activate to get me out of there.

Where was it preferentially before the stress? In the gut, the viscera, all the organs in here.

What were their functions growth maintenance of the body cleaning up the system preparing the energy taking care of the machine more or less okay but at the moment stress hormones are released in the body the blood vessels in the gut respond to the stress hormones by squeezing shut and when they squeeze shut that means the blood is not really going into the gut but it's now going preferentially into the arms and legs and that's where we want to get that energy to run so number one stress hormones shut down the growth mechanisms of the body number two they shut down the immune system because that's a high energy system that is not relevant to an external threat.

Number three which I always call the adding of insult to injury is the blood vessels in the conscious brain are energizing conscious creativity thinking action like that but the conscious brain is very slow processor compared to the rest of the brain back here called the subconscious brain and the subconscious brain is not only extremely fast Beyond conscious brain but it's a million times more powerful.

What happens is remember I told you the blood vessels in the gut constrict with stress hormones that's where people get that butterflies in the stomach kind of feeling queasy feeling because what's going on in blood vessels are all squeezing shut you could feel them and that's the queasiness but then the stress hormones go into the brain and they do the same thing in the conscious Blood part of the brain it squeeze the blood vessel shut

So I'm not nourishing or energizing my Consciousness but when I squeeze it shut the blood is then sent to the back of the brain where the subconscious has reflex Behavior reactions high speed very fast we become less intelligent when stress hormones are there because we're not using thinking we're using reflexes and that's a completely different way of life so I say so what happens here I say well growth taking care of the body threat get the energy into the arms and legs as best you can and run like hell and get out of there but at the compromise of what well you're shutting down growth you're shutting down the immune system and you're shutting down intelligence and I go you don't need that to escape from the tiger you just need fast arms legs and reflexes to make them go I go well this is really great back you know two three hundred thousand years ago uh where uh the only real threat we had was the saber-toothed tiger I go so what I say well if you're running from that saber True Tiger and you escape 10 minutes 15 minutes you're You're gone you're safe then you return back at growth again.

To maintain the body today's world the threats are so so many of them out there that we're on stress hormones for 10 minutes, we're on stress hormones all day.

What's the consequence?
All day you are inhibiting the mechanism from taking care of itself and I say today we have a Health crisis.

A lot of people up until recent times said oh the genes the genes are causing the disease and all this kind of stuff like that fact of science less less than one percent of disease is connected to genetics.

Where is all this coming from? The answer is stress. Over 90 percent of illness is directly loaded to stress.  Why? Because it shuts down the immune system, it shuts down their growth, you're a weak and it was only for a short period years and years ago but today that period of stress is extended so it's like 24 7.

That is the major compromise of Life on this planet. The fears. The media loves to give us all the fears and manipulates us so when you watch the news you're just dripping stress hormones through your body compromising yourself. It's a point where we have to get out of this continuous chronic connection with fear which is everywhere on this planet. Just watch the news, surf the web, look out your window and you can see this place is crazy.

Fear closes you down where you can't survive.  why because you need to be engaged with the world and respond to everything but if you're closing yourself down you pulled yourself out and that's where disease starts to begin.

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