"As a former stressed teacher turned clinical hypnotherapist, I wanted to share some simple strategies to manage fear and reduce feelings of anxiety.
It’s something I suffered from prior to practically reframing my mindset for long-term change.”

“There is so much fear being put on us in this present climate from vaccinations, covid itself, social interactions as well as the fact all these things could have brought out a past or lingering fear.

Anxiety has been heightened due to the current stressful situations people have been in the past. Hypnotherapy can help you reframe your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to manage them in a more positive, calm, and controlled way.”

Hypnotherapy is one of the practical strategies for long-lasting change in our lives.

Abi, who works from a home-based holistic therapies room in Leeds, U.K, delivers hypnotherapy to people in person across the region.  Her business has increased with clients benefiting from her Zoom-faced hypnosis therapies.

She said “I am glad that people are reaping the rewards of Hypnotherapy far and wide and it has become more accessible than ever for anyone anywhere regardless of background to tap into this often misunderstood life-changer and fear-reducing formula!”

One client visited for hypnotherapy at the start of the year, due to Covid-related anxiety. She would experience fear and anxiety anywhere, with feelings of dread in her stomach, breathlessness and a racing heart as well as becoming very emotional. She would get frustrated with herself as she was worrying and analyzing over even simple tasks which would affect her concentration, and mood.

The client explained how Abi transformed her life, and allayed her family’s concerns over her mental health.  The hypnosis sessions also helped with her self-confidence which creates a positive feedback loop and motivation to continue taking care of her mental health. 

Holistic Therapist Abi Fenton, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Reflexologist and Reiki Healer, explained “Through Hypnotherapy I showed her how to manage her thoughts and feelings, we challenged unrealistic thoughts, I taught her tools and techniques to manage her thoughts on a day to day basis, including self hypnosis. We worked on building her confidence and to love herself and believe and trust in herself. Through all this work (three and a half months working together) the client was able to let go of things that used to bother her in the past, she was much calmer and confident, allowing herself to move forward.”

Abi Fenton has a series of online hypnosis sessions at her site.

Some her audios include visualizations with candles, muscle relaxation and focusing on breathing.

Abi top tips to manage fear:

1. Take note of your personal worry story and recognize how the narrative affects you. And try to distance yourself from it. Maybe take time out every day to write down your worries and thoughts.

2. Acknowledge your thoughts and challenge them, rather than deny them. They may be negative, but they are just what they are, thoughts, the fact that you think the thoughts doesn’t make them true. Don’t let your thoughts rule or define you.

3. Learn to control your breathing. When we are anxious, we tend to take shallow breaths, which itself puts your body into a state of alert and causes us to feel even more anxious. Try some breathing and relaxation techniques

4. Bring your mind to the present. Don’t try to live in the future, or in the past.

5. Face the fear. Be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable but know that you can overcome this. Change happens when we push ourselves.

If you are considering hypnotherapy training as a career, visit the Marisa Peer Online study program for Hypnosis.

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